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First day
Sept 01 2020
1 Sept - 30 Dec 2020
100 HODs/Staff
BWP Sonasea PQ

Why Phrase 2

 One BWP Sonasea Phu Quoc?

After 2 weeks reviewing the performance of Phrase 01 - One BWP Sonasea Phu Quoc (Nov19 - Jul20), experts & the Hotel Manager agreed upon the following observations:

  • Hotel Business Plans for Low-Medium-High Senario/Seasons should be communicated better with all Departments for their proactive & collaborative performance

  • Heads of Department (HOD) hardly differentiate btw their Dept Goals & Means to achieve Goals

  • HODs struggle with aligning Dept OKRs with Hotel OKRs

  • All Departments struggle with criteria to correctly evaluate individual/team performance

  • Hotel staff struggle with service mindsets & proactive performance

Video Lessons
10 video clips on 10 BWP basic service standards (cartoon takeaway messages)
WEATWORK interactive web-based platform with Hotel OKR Consensus, OKR Launchpad & Guest-centric OKR Growth
Townhall meetings
02 Townhall meetings a month for all HODs & 02 Townhall meetings a month for all staff
HOD meetings
02 separate meetings a month for each Head of Department (HOD) & his/her assistants/teams

Program Objectives | 1 Sep 2020 - 30 Dec 2020

  • Reevaluate Individual & Team Performance in Hotel during 03 seasons - High-Medium-Low - in 04 months

  • Train, Coach & set Standards for Individual & Team Performance in Hotel in 03 seasons 

  • Make sure Individual & Team OKR aligned with Hotel OKR in 03 seasons

OKR consensus on Hotel Business Canvas | 9-10/2020 

Within 02 month, the following objectives will be achieved:

  • Hotel OKR is revisited, revised & aligned with higher-level leadership in 03 seasons 

  • All Departmental OKRs are revisited, revised & aligned with the revised Hotel OKR in 03 seasons

  • Individual OKRs are developed & aligned with the revised Departmental OKRs  


Platform: All OKRs are presented simply on Business Model Canvas by & RespectVN

4-Puzzle OKR Launchpad | 10-11/2020

Within 02 months, the following deliverables will be achieved:

  • Minimum Departmental Rules for Dept staff to achieve their agreed OKRs 

  • Minimum Departmental Perks/Motivation for Dept staff to achieve their agreed OKRs

  • Minimum Departmental Structure for Dept staff to achieve their agreed OKRs

  • Minimum Departmental Info for Dept staff to achieve their agreed OKRs


Platform: All deliverables are presented simply on Business Model Canvas by & RespectVN

Guest-centric OKR Growth | 10-11-12/2020

Within 03 months, the following goals will be achieved:

  • ONE BWP Guest Satisfaction mechanism is evaluated & consulted among all Departments

  • Front-end Departments (Sales, Marcom, Front Office, Recreation, Reservation, etc.) are guest-centric with their performance focuses on guest satisfaction data & solutions how to make guests satisfied

  • Back-end Departments (Executive Office, Finance, Human Resources, Engineering,, etc.) are guest-centric 

  • Guest-centric Cost Reduction Model is developed to identify key areas to save operation costs based on guests

  • Guest-centric Revenue Management Model is developed to identify key areas to manage revenue streams based on guest satisfaction


​Platform: 10 cartoon video clips on 10 BWP basic service takeaway clips for entry-level staff (and above) to practice & apply at work


Meet your coach

Male Teacher


WEATWORK Coach/Consultant

WEATWORK Advisor & Coach

15 years in hospitality management

10 years in service excellence 

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WEATWORK Developer

HR/OD & Sustainability Advisor

15 years in Organisational Excellence

05 years in Hospitality Service Excellence

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