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How does Covid19 test your organisational resilience?

Organisational resilience in Covid19 is the ability of the whole organisation to bounce back into previous or better shape after Covid 19.

Every organisation talks about organisational resilience. However, what it really is & how to achieve it are still in question for many leaders, stakeholders, decision makers & decision takers. in collaboration with RespectVN, a local manpower initiative, developed a framework of four organisational profiles during Covid19. 


They are organisations in their (i) Fear Zones; (ii) Learning Zones; (iii) Resilient Zones; and (iv) Value-aligned Zones. 


We found out that the four zones can be featured by at least four models that can be named & captured in comics for easy recognition & comparison.


This work is complete based on in-depth & multiple conversations with 200 respondents from 50 for-profit & non-profit organisations across Vietnam. On average 4 individuals holding different positions in an organisation participated from 2 to 5 times of engagement (concept clarity interview, key document review, perception gap review, statement verification) with us.        





  • What is organisational resilience? 

  • 04 typical organisational zones in Covid19

  • "Hot above- cold below" organisations in their Fear zones

  • "Open or close" organisations in their Learning zones

  • "In-sync" organisations in their Resilient zones

  • "People-centric" organisations in their Value-aligned zones

  • 04 key take-away messages for resilient leaders to make resilient organisations in Covid19


Aligning minds at work

1. Fear Zone
  • Organisations in their Fear Zones are led by leaders in fear, driven by fears & fear-based decisions

2. Learning Zone
  • Organisations in their Learning    Zones are led by learning leaders with steep learning curves

3. Resilient Zone
  • Organisations in their Resilient Zones led by resilient leaders, doers & teams & their Goal consensus on Org Model Canvas

  • Organisations in their Value-Aligned Zones trade off short-term benefits for long-term values aligned with people's values