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Grow Business,
Empower People

OPC - One Page 4 Change – Simple platform for CEOs to assess, align & achieve personal, departmental, & 

organisational  employees when using popular models: OKRS/KPI/OGSM/BSC

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One platform for CEO
Strategy Execution

Build a leadership team. Focus on 90-day, 1-year, and 3-year goals





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Issues Solved

Increase people's connection with a 90-day plan

Simplicity and more in just a Frame


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Build & Share Vision

You are the CEO, your dream must be shared with all teams and employees. SIMPLAMO provides you with the easiest tool to get it

  • Vision / Mission

  • 3 – years strategy

  • 90 – days focus

  • Arrange targets in order of preference

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90 - day Focus Objectives

Clearly, and say “Done” in 90 days with Objectives using the methodology of OKRs/KPI

  • Smart objectives

  • Tracked milestones

  • KPI Table

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Fall In Love With 

Love meeting every week, every quarter, and every year by the standard framework

  • In-app timer

  • Clearly structure

  • Issues discussion & solutions

  • Take note and notify everyone

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All-in-one Business Management Platform

Comprehensive business Management, employees empowerment, reaching KPI/OKRS/KPI/OGSM/BSC goals just in a simple tool

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