How to transform the whole organization with just  One Page of Change ©️ ?



Three biggest challenges stay remain unchanged in both for-profit businesses & non-profit organisations before & during Covid19.

First, the founder/owner changes too many things too frequently. Second, front-end & back-end teams do not work towards a common goal. Third, the majority of workforce often focus on non-production tasks.

The first one stops all accountable individuals from doggedly staying focused on one strategy and pursuing it with single-minded determination. The second one deepens the conflicts of interest between various departments with conflicting ranges of accountability. The third one costs businesses a great deal & breaks any plan of action to achieve any goal in planned timeframe.

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“Covid19 is supposed to change our company inside out for more agility- But how? It still takes us months to make final staffing decisions as our decision makers change their minds constantly.

—  Mary, Chief People Office of a 1000-room Hotel & Resort






One Page of Change ©️ is where to bridge your bigger company goals and strategies with departmental & professional goals on a Business Model Canvas

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One Page of Change ©️ has three benefits that are able to address the above-mentioned challenges. FIrst, it makes founders/owners or the final decision makers to stay focused on one strategy without too much changes. Second, it allows front-end & back-end departments an opportunity to think bigger & work together better. Third, it aligns the ultimate organizational goals with individual goals across the whole organisation with only ONE single-minded PAGE template.