How to transform young people from path-finders to game-changers with just  One Page of Change ©️ ?



Young people are talented, creative & determined in finding

their own better paths for the better changes. However, they face three biggest challenges in transforming from pathfinders to changemakers. They are irrelevant education, overdiversified insights & twisted realiy.

First, irrevant education ranging from educational mismatches to poor school-to-work linkages costs young professionals too much to find their paths. Second, overdiversified insights, opinions & data make them struggle with where to go & how to get there. Third, twisted reality makes it harder for them to gain success in their chosen ways.

Young Teacher


“My education background is not enough for me to becoming an outstanding teacher as I always dreamt of. I have to take as many extra courses as I can. Learning by doing is also good but I have to pay for some mistakes and some time for the whole course of failure. 

—  Quynh Nguyen, In-terim Teacher in a Private Primary School 






One Page of Change ©️ is where to bridge your bigger company goals and strategies with departmental & professional goals on a Business Model Canvas

Image by Sharon Pittaway

One Page of Change ©️ has three benefits that are able to address the above-mentioned challenges. FIrst, it makes founders/owners or the final decision makers to stay focused on one strategy without too much changes. Second, it allows front-end & back-end departments an opportunity to think bigger & work together better. Third, it aligns the ultimate organizational goals with individual goals across the whole organisation with only ONE single-minded PAGE template.