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03 Steps to develop Departmental OKR

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

WEATWORK.CO Departmental OKR
03 Circles of OKR

STEP 01 - Use 03 Circles of OKR

  1. Understand 03 Circles of OKR (see image)

  2. Put the most important Dept. Objective into the Centre or Interlink between 03 Circles

  3. Make sure the Dept. Objective aligned with Organisational Objective

  4. Put 03 most important Key Results into 03 Circles that come from the Dept Objective

STEP 02 - Use Value Proposition Canvas (VPC)

  1. Understand VPC or Pain & Pill canvas (see image)

  2. Write down customer GAINS & PAINS in the circle on the right

  3. Write down your BADGES & PILLS in the square in response to Customer GAINS & PAINS

  4. Your BADGES & PILLS are actually our Departmental OKR

STEP 03 - Departmental OKR is your promise

  1. Make sure your 3 circles of OKR aligned with your BADGEs & PILLS

  2. Understand Departmental OKR is your promise that focuses on your customers' satisfaction

  3. Departmental OKR is your department's collective efforts to keep the promises

  4. When you keep the promises, you are successful with your OKR

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