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The OKR Formula

Updated: May 6, 2020

By Nguyen Minh Phuong

15 Nov 2019

1. The OKR Formula

Let's get the easiest formula for OKR setting

I will (Objective) as measured by (this set of Key Results)

It works for each individual, department or organisational OKR

2. The "S.M.A.R.T" Objectives

The "S.M.A.R.T" objectives are always great

• S - Specific

• M - Measurable

• A - Achievable

• R - Relevant

• T - Time-bound

Although you can alter to make them more interesting for your teams:

• S - Supposed not to be boring

• M - Motivating everyone

• A - Audience-targeted (when you want to target someone, such as guests, customers)

• R - Relating to your culture

• T - Transformative to digital management

3. The SMART key results

•- Objective: Delight more customers

•- Key Results:

  • •Reduce revenue churn (cancellation) from X% to Y%.

  • •Increase Net Promoter Score from X to Y.

  • •Improve average weekly visits per active user from X to Y.

  • •Increase non-paid (organic) traffic to from X to Y.

  • •Improve customer engagement by X%.

4. The Key Result Model

When you stuck with SMART key results, here is a simple formula:

If we are successful with ________, we will have more ________ and/or less __________

Example: If we are successful with the, we will save 50% of miscommunication cost & improve 30% productivity

5. Alignment & Focus

To get the Alignment:

• Check if your OKRs are aligned with the company's OKRs and with the other teams (use the 360° Alignment Template).

• You may have a “local” OKR, but most of your OKRs should contribute to the company's OKRs.

To get the Focus:

• Set few OKRs, less is more here.

• An OKR should have between 2 and 5 Key Results. If your Objective has only one Key Result, try merging it with another OKR or check if you don't have to balance it.

6. Alignment among departmental OKRs

RASCI Formula:

  • R - Responsible

  • A - Accountable

  • S - Supportive

  • C - Consulted

  • I - Informed

7. Alignment within ONE Department's OKRs

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