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OKR Consensus | Why do we need to agree on Goals?

Updated: May 6, 2020

Because Agreed Goals give you a starting point & a destination to reach TOGETHER as a TEAM

  • O - Objectives: Where & how far we want to go together?

  • KR - Key Results: How can we get there together?

Without OKR Consensus, our Goals are normally flying or crashing

For examples:

  • Our goal is to maximise Profit, not to develop Human Capital (we are not a charity)

  • Without investment into Human Capital, how can we achieve financial Goals?

  • Our goal is to make more Revenue, no need to worry about Cost

  • Then how can we yield Profit?

We normally think Means are Goals or vice versa
  • What are Goals & what are Means to achieve Goals: Number of Guests who pay or the Profit we make after costs & taxes?

  • What are Goals & what are Means to achieve Goals: Guest Satisfaction or Hotel Occupancy?

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