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Where is your organisation in Covid19?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Ha Dang - CEO of

Fear zone?

  • You think closure is the best attitude?

  • You cut all costs & terminate as many as possible?

  • You let complaints go uncontrolled & negatively affect working environment?

  • You let fears & rumors drive your main decisions?

Learning zone?

  • You start to realize fears do not help?

  • You Stop compulsively spread hearsay about biz planning?

  • You start evaluate Covid19 impacts?

  • You start evaluate your organization's readiness to respond?

  • You engage positive thinkers into your decision-making process?

Growth zone?

  • Fears are not in your business genes?

  • Start thinking of new biz models?

  • Plan-do-check-act (PCDA) on new models?

  • Communicate effectively on Continuous PCDA?

  • Focus on 20% most vital activities for 80% results? ad hearsay about biz

Resilience - value-aligned zone?

  • Covid19 is only one of crises?

  • Crises test organisational resilience?

  • Effective Crisis Management makes biz survive crisis?

  • People-centric DNA makes biz thrive in crisis (Focusing on your Customers & your Employees)?

  • People (Customers, Partners & Employees) create long-term biz values?

  • Long-term values make sustainability?

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