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To take social responsibility to the next level

First day
Sept 01 2019
16 hours - 01 month
CCSR Mentors

Why enroll for CCSR Professional Program?

The business literature almost unanimously presents a simple, positive picture of the beneficent effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on public attitudes toward businesses. They are better public attention, better recognition, better appreciation & invaluable economic benefits compared to what conventional marketing initiatives can bring about. Moreover, CSR builds shared minds of trust - a rare commodity that money can't buy - on business long-term prospects as well as substantive contributions to social development.

However CSR faces adverse challenges if CSR projects fail to serve their own mandates of social responsibility or social investing. Facts tell that most of CSR failures come from the lack of experiences & knowledges about the linkage between economic & social aspects of CSR. CSR, as little as known, is not only about marketing or doing good, but also corporate governance, project management & social investing returns. 


CCSR - Certified CSR Professional Program - prepares CSR practitioners for the next level of their career paths to transforming CSR challenges into opportunities.

Business Meeting

Interested in this program for your organisation?

Video Lessons
10 case studies from WEATWORK's work with local & global organizations across diverse industries.
Downloadable guide with frameworks, activities, and supplemental resources from the course 
Online Course
Self-reflected with recommended deadlines for assignments and a time commitment of roughly 4 hours/week.
Learning Community
Coaching from content experts, join a regional community, share feedback and resources, and develop long-term connections.

Course overview

  • CCSR - Certified CSR Professional Program - offers CSR practitioners knowledges and tools to scale internal efficiency & public recognition within your team and organisation.

  • CCSR highlights WEATWORK’s unique learning philosophy. They are (i) Standing your strong Ground; (ii) Teaming up to Scale; & (iii) Leading along the Curve

Standing your strong Ground

Post-CCSR, CSR professionals will be able to unlock their potential of Standing your own strong Ground in the following fundamental discussions:  

  • Why do you think Corporate Social Responsibility is more important today than ever?

  • Why are some global/regional CSR efforts more successful than others?

  • How much do CSR efforts cost businesses & how much is enough?

Activity: Design well-grounded recommendations for CSR initiatives with cost/benefit analysis 

Teaming up to Scale

Post-CCSR, CSR professionals will be able to set a new course for your team by crafting a well-framed CSR challenge where :

  • Standing your strong Stand is practiced to engage your team in scaling up internal efficiency & public recognition with CSR efforts.

  • Activity: Practice "Teaming up to Scale"  to experience team productivity & gather team feedbacks for continuous improvements

Leading along the Curve

Post-CCSR, CSR professionals will be able to design rituals that reinforce the beliefs and behaviours of socially responsible teams and organizations along The Learning Curve.

  • Learn to set new norms inside your organisation that support CSR work.

  • Discussion: What does Leading along the Curve mean to you & your organisation?

  • Activity: Design a ritual to address gaps or tensions in your company culture and get feedback from others.

Meet your mentors


CSR Mentor

CSR Advisor & Mentor 

15 years in sustainable development 

10 years in Global CSR Networking

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 21.57.47_edite


CSR Mentor

CSR & Sustainability Advisor

15 years in Organisational Excellence

08 years in Global CSR Networking

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