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Why enroll for W2HP Program?

Thousands of books, guides, literatures on individual high performance have been introduced to millennials & Generation Z. Billions of USD have been spent from schools to work. However many yet still struggle with their working lives & career development.

Why? Facts tell that only 3% knows what they want & work hard to get it. The majority unfortunately fails or refuses to identify their own "blindspots" & ones in their working environments. Behaviour Management, as little as known in Leadership, is actually a great test for young professionals to not only explore their own cores but also their fast-changing & wall-facing worlds.   


W2HP - Certified WEATWORK High-performers Program - prepares young professionals for the next level of their career paths to transforming challenges into opportunities.

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Interested in this program for your organisation?

Video Lessons
10 case studies from WEATWORK's work with local & global organizations across diverse industries.
Downloadable guide with frameworks, activities, and supplemental resources from the course 
Online Course
Self-reflected with recommended deadlines for assignments and a time commitment of roughly 4 hours/week.
Learning Community
Coaching from content experts, join a regional community, share feedback and resources, and develop long-term connections.
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Course overview

  • W2HP - Certified WEATWORK  High-performers Program - offers young professionals new knowledges and transform your mindsets  to grow faster along your learning curves

  • W2HP highlights WEATWORK’s unique learning philosophy. They are (i) Standing your strong Ground; (ii) Teaming up to Scale; & (iii) Leading along the Curve

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Post-W2HP, young professionals will be able to unlock their potential of Standing your own strong Ground in the following fundamental discussions:  

  • Why are you working & what is it for?

  • Who is managing you & who are you managing?

  • What is your Ground & where do you want to Stand? 

Activity: Design your own Ground to stand strong in your current work 

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Post-W2HP, young professionals will be able to set a new course for your team by crafting a well-framed Teaming up to Scale challenge where :

  • Standing your strong Stand is practiced to engage your team in scaling up internally

  • Activity: Design "Teaming up to Scale" to experience team productivity & gather team feedbacks for continuous improvements

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Post-W2HP, young professionals will be able to design rituals that reinforce the beliefs and behaviours of high-performers and high-performing organizations along The Learning Curve.

  • Learn to set new norms inside your organisation that support young high-performers

  • Discussion: What does Leading along the Curve mean to you & your organisation?

  • Activity: Design a ritual to address gaps or tensions in your organisational culture and get higher performance

Meet your mentors

Male Teacher


W2HP Mentor

W2HP Advisor & Mentor 

15 years in sustainable development 

10 years in Organisational Development

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 21.57.47_edite


W2HP Mentor

HR/OD & Sustainability Advisor

15 years in Organisational Excellence

08 years in Global Business Network

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