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Updated: May 20, 2020

Four out of six organisations RespectVN have been consulting stayed open (survive) & even thrive during Covid19 despite of a great deal of lost business opportunities, disrupted cash flows & threats of closure.

From 60% to 100% manpower from the highest levels to lowest have been voluntarily staying home without pay or continuing work with only 30%-50% pay for 3 months. This is totally different from where wage-earners are forced to quit their jobs, terminate contracts or accept lower pay without their wills.

What makes them do that?

Let's look at a 5-star hotel in Da Nang, Vietnam.

As hospitality is second to airlines & tourism in Top 3 most affected industries during Covid-19, this hotel is no exception. In early February 2020, the occupancy dropped 90% compared to the end of Lunar New Year when the number of guests topped up to 3000.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the fear for what happened in China watered down the intention to stay open by the hotel owners. The plan was a complete closure with all labor contracts terminated except for the total of 50 staff including securities, engineers & cleaners who stay to maintain the property.

However, the new CEO & 2-year Hotel General Manager decided to come up with Covid19 Crisis Handling Plan with 03 Senario, namely the Best, the Moderate & the Worst.

Normally it should take them 02-03 months to finalise an annual Business Plan. Now with WEATWORK.CO's OKR Consensus on Business Canvas, they took only 02 weeks to complete the plan with literally 03 Canvas in infographics to get the YES from the hotel owners.

All 3 Scenarios to handle Covid19 explained three different Business Models in a nutshell: the Best maintains the customer segments during BAU - Business at Usual, the Moderate combines BAU segments & a special long-stay package for Covid19 escapers, and the Best only provides the Covid19 special offers for those who are tired of lockdowns, quarantines & longing for a new type of working-living environment.

All 3 scenarios came up with clear & easy-to-track plans of staffing & compensation based on respectively margin expectations.

However the hotel owners were not persuaded by the quick-fix Business Plan right away. Only when the CEO showed up with 100 voluntary applications to stay home without pay in 2 months & nearly 200 staying with agreed 50% salary reduction, they nodded their heads.

Cutting costs is essential in this moment. However the CEO's ability to make the whole team of 300 people including top leaders, managers, supervisors & staff come to a big-deal agreement in a short term was the biggest reason why the hotel stayed open.


Organisational & Personal Branding!!! Some says Employer & Employee Branding!!!

Simply putting it, the promises Employers & Employees MAKE & DO NOT BREAK for each other IN A LONG TIME (not short time).

Upon seeing how much the CEO & GM had done to triple the Occupancy within one year from scratches, Employees bet on their talent & leadership, showing their loyalty by pledging with higher-than-law committments, in order to retain their jobs or careers in a healthy working environment in longer term.

Employers (Owners, Leaders, Managers), in addition to their fearless minds & the understanding of their own organisation, gained trust among a number of trust by step by step keeping & not breaking the promises they made with their employees.

IT TAKES TWO HANDS TO CLAP... it is also a so-called Organisational Branding & Personal Branding both Employers & Employees gain during a period of time & are going to test themselves further more during this world-shaking pandemic.

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