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Why create a circle of trust?

In this fast-changing world, women often carry self-doubt even without knowing it. We barely have time for the retrospects of ourselves & the "circles" - the evolving relationships between ourselves and others as we define them.


CIRCLE OF TRUST is a rare opportunity for women to create & color up our best versions in the very own circles that we define within our learning curves.  Within the created circles of trust, we are able to transform our self-doubt into self-care, self-belief & self-confidence. Furthermore, we can extend the circles towards better teams & communities where we are part of. 


 CIRCLE OF TRUST is a relaxed event that is conducted in both in-house & public settings. Women are encouraged to become the ambassadors of circle of trust at their own workplaces or within relevant communities. 


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Maria Jesus Figa Lopez
H.E Spanish Ambassador

After joining the first Circle of Trust event by Women4Women, I was shocked and very touched. I couldn't believe that Vietnamese women are facing so many barriers in their lives. There are generational gap barriers, marriage barriers, social stigma barriers, etc. However, they're always optimistic. Even though they were telling very painful stories, they also tried to add some jokes to mitigate the tension. And I think that makes they're even more admirable. 


As a chair-woman of the Gender Equality Coordination Group in Vietnam, I'm making efforts to support Labor Law changes... but maybe there are many things much more important than Law.


I am very supportive of how Women4Women creates Circle of Trust for Vietnamese women to share and support each other. I would like to sincerely thank to all the women I've met in that event.

H.E Spanish Ambassador