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Why create a circle of trust?

In this fast-changing world, women often carry self-doubt even without knowing it. We barely have time for the retrospects of ourselves & the "circles" - the evolving relationships between ourselves and others as we define them.


CIRCLE OF TRUST is a rare opportunity for women to create & color up our best versions in the very own circles that we define within our learning curves.  Within the created circles of trust, we are able to transform our self-doubt into self-care, self-belief & self-confidence. Furthermore, we can extend the circles towards better teams & communities where we are part of. 


 CIRCLE OF TRUST is a relaxed event that is conducted in both in-house & public settings. Women are encouraged to become the ambassadors of circle of trust at their own workplaces or within relevant communities. 

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H.E Spanish Ambassador
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H.E British Ambassador's Spouse

Read Agenda for In-house Workshop

Event purpose

  • To create Circles of Trust among women who have the same wishes to transform their self-doubts, negative concerns into self-confidence & actionable decisions that make their lives & others better.

  • To explore the Learning Curves of oneself and others in any relationship in order to better paint the best versions you might have. 

Agenda in-house sessions


1. Interactive games to share our own stories

2. Interactive games to inspire others to share their stories

3. Draw your own Circle of Trust at work & life (comparison between sessions)

4. Draw your Learning curves at work & life (comparison between sessions)

5. Group activity - Draw Circles of Trust and Learning curves of your teams and organizations together (comparison between sessions)

Preparation for in-house workshops

  • ​16 hours - 04sessions (on corporates' own arrangements)

  • Participants:

    • Female employees (all level, including female leaders)

    • Other employees' female relatives (as requested)

  • ​Venue requirements:

    • Spacious room with moveable chairs, no tables

    • Whiteboards for group activities 

Post - workshop expected outcomes


1. Participants will know how to:

  • Stand on the strong ground - To be self-confident about where to go & how to get there

  • Leverage team wisdom - To boost your team scale & to make great proposals for changes

  • Lead along the curve - To practice leading along the team/organisation's learning curves

2. Participants will learn how to: 

  • Make genuine & cost-effective "Work/Life Balance" programs

  • Create innovative & cost-effective Circles of Support among women at work

  • Make a ritual to address gaps or tensions in your teams via web-based platform of Internal Communication, High-Performers & People-centric Organisations

Meet your mentors

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Gender Specialist

W4W Advisor & Mentor 

05 years in Gender Equality & Women Development

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W4W Mentor

HR/OD & Sustainability Advisor

15 years in Organisational Excellence

08 years in Global Business Network

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