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Get & enjoy our latest complimentary factsheets in comics at zero cost & zero commitment:

  • What are the biggest yet hidden organisational issues faced by businesses? 

  • What are the biggest mistakes businesses usually making?

  • What are the most important tools that businesses really need now?

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1. What areas of team efficiency are you planning to improve?
2. What areas of organisational performance are you planning to improve?



VU MY LAN - CEO of EGroup

“...WEATWORK.CO is at the forefront of redefined organisation cultures in the region... Workplace politics or organisational governance are the biggest challenges for teams to cooperate & work effectively ... However WEATWORK.CO makes it so simple for dedicated leaders to gain trust & build consensus in achieving business goals & key results... "

PARK CHO - Former General Manager - Far Eastern Vietnam

“...I really like how WEATWORK created an innovative way of engaging individuals and teams together towards a longer-term goal through bedrock working principles & value-shared evironment ... "

IAN O BRION- Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc - Assistant General Manager 

“...It is very important for all managers to understand the business canvas and how we can together achieve the ultimate goal of higher guest satisfaction, better employee engagement and bigger profits at the same time. This is not something we've done before ... All of my team members really appreciate this program ... "

JOHAN CARL LINDHOLM - Silkpath Hotels & Resorts - Former CEO

“...RespectVN's programs showed us how organisational governance, team efficiency and human resources quality have a direct & significant impact on revenue and profitability of a hotel chain ...”


Culata Loyd Ronquillo

Assistant F&B Manager - Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc

"...One BWP Program is very beneficial to the Head of Department. We don't have such an opportunity to sit down and discuss like this..." 


Nguyen Thi Hai

HR Supervisor - Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc 

"...The best part that I like is the group activities which help departments better understand each other. Although we have different perspectives & opinions, if we all understand and work towards one goal - one vision, our organization will grow faster..."


Cao Thi Thanh Suong 

Spa Manager - Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc

"...The program is very helpful, it helps us determine the organizational objectives and how departments should collaborate with each other for ONE VOICE..."

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