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An outstanding individual stands his/her strong ground, leverage team wisdom & lead the learning curve in a team or organisation he/she belongs to.

At Weatwork.co, we improve one's learning curve with exclusive mind-aligning tools & self-coaching strategies on Value Proposition Canvas

Are you a high-performer?


A resilient team made out of like-minded individuals with aligned goals & aligned performances


How resilient is your team?

How accountable is your team?

How proactive is your team?

How to make a great team?


An resilient organisation made out of like-minded teams  easily bounces back to continuity 

despite of volatiles or crises.

How resilient is your organisation?

How accountable is your organisation?

How proactive is your organisation?

How to improve your organisational DNA?

Personal Mind



AWeatwork.co, we improve one's learning curve with exclusive mind-aligning tools & self-coaching strategies on Value Proposition Canvas



At Weatwork.co, we improve teams' learning curve with exclusive mind-aligning tools & team-coaching strategies on Team OKR Canvas



At Weatwork.co, we improve organisational learning curve with exclusive mind-aligning tools & department-coaching strategies on Organisational OKR Consensus Canvas

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Covid19 collaboration

Four out of six companies RespectVN have been consulting decided to continue operations despite Covid19 & a great deal of lost business opportunities. From 60% to 100% manpower from the highest levels to lowest have been voluntarily staying home without pay or continuing work with only 30%-50% pay for 3 months.


What makes them do that?

Why does OKR Consensus fail?

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a popular leadership process for setting, communicating, and monitoring goals and results within organizations. The idea behind OKR is to connect company, team, and personal objectives to measurable results from both top down & bottom up. This ensures all leaders & employees work together in one unified direction. While you can write OKRs on a spreadsheet, they are must successfully implemented to be living ones. In this article we are discussing 05 reasons why business OKR fails. 




As an employer, you are worried why your staff, from senior to junior, are leaving more and more. HR advises you to talk to people, persuade them, do the exit interview, staying staff survey, even anonymous survey to expect the staff to tell the truth, etc.


But in the end, you are still not sure why they left. The following are the 06 most frightening reasons for employees who quit and also for employers...


Vietnam is making great efforts on a labor law overhaul. After several delays, the Labor Code 2012 is expected to be revised in 2019. Law enforcement will be prioritised together with law development... 

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